Adidas Barricade returns to the shelves

The legendary shoe returns with the same fantastic durability and extreme cushioning, but with a brand new design and additional features. From park courts to Centre Court at Wimbledon, the Barricade has always remained a favourite.

When Adidas decided to discontinue the Barricade in 2018 and replace it with the SoleCourt range, retailers and players alike couldn’t believe it. 3 years later, Adidas made the call and the Barricade returned. “We have taken the shoe to the next level to ensure that players can move with control and confidence, without compromising on comfort and durability”.

New features include off centre lacing. The laces are connected to internal webbing so when you tighten them, the tongue perfectly moulds to the shape of your midfoot. Geofit Sensepods on the inside of the heel grip the back of your foot to improve the fit and eliminates heel slippage for those gruelling matches.

A bold Adidas logo can be found above the arch of the shoe and is made from a tough RPU for added abrasion resistance. A lightweight bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility.

Over 20 years on our shelves and still as popular as ever and a shoe that is synonymous with tennis.

The iconic shoe is back.

Adidas Barricade Sole
Adidas Barricade Geofit
Adidas Barricade side view

Steve has been wearing Adidas for decades and still loves them. But when he was persuaded to try out the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2, this is what he said…

What a surprise to not only move away from my trusted Adidas shoes but to prefer the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2! I love the description that K-Swiss give, very simply… ‘ The Hypercourt feels like you are wearing a running shoe on the tennis court ‘. That intrigued me massively as I see lots of players using running shoes for tennis because they are so light, soft and comfortable. BUT please do not use a running shoe on court as they offer no lateral support and you WILL hurt yourself if you continue to play tennis wearing running shoes.

So, why would K Swiss state this? Well the Hypercourt Express 2 are as light as a running shoe, they are very soft on the ‘landing’ so are as comfortable as a running shoe BUT these have lateral support that is extremely important on a tennis court. On top of this they look good too! Now I realise why this statement is so true!

I’m glad that I tried them, I am so happy with them and I will definitely continue to use them. They (like all K-Swiss shoes) offer a slightly wider last than most other brands, this means that you feel the comfort as soon as you put them on.

I’m converted, give ’em a go!

Steve Brett
  • K-Swiss Hypercourt Express rear view