Love of Running with On Running

During the lockdown period I have re discovered my love for running again. For those of you that do not know me, I am a 55 year old (nearly 56) sports shop owner, who plays tennis but have always had a love for training and keeping fit. Unfortunately, I had to have a hip replacement 2 years ago, during the 5 to 6 years before the operation I was initially protecting my hip as much as possible, so I reduced massively the amount of exercise I did and running went out of the window so to speak. Nearer to the time that my hip needed replacing the pain just got too much to even consider training, so all my exercise was done playing tennis. My brain to movement connection was all about compensating and taking pressure off my bad hip (right), taking away as much pain as possible. I am now over 2 years on from my operation and although I feel like a new man, with no pain, the thing that I did not appreciate was just how weak my right leg had got. Years of not properly using it had taken its toll.

Rediscovered running and the ON range of shoes

Swiftly moving on! During the awful lockdown period I have re-discovered running and that I can enjoy it again with no pain at all. So coming to the information about the shoes that I am using. I realise that being a sports shop owner I am in a fortunate position with regards to trying out the merchandise! Those of you that know me know that I am a fan of Adidas…BUT I have to say I have converted to a new running brand that we have just started to sell. ON Running Shoes. They’re really impressive, I have tried and tested the three main ranges from ON, the Cloud flow, the Cloud swift and the Cloud Stratus. Please see my evaluation of all three ranges below BUT overall they are light weight, extremely comfortable and have designs to suit all builds and running styles.

Over the years I have tried many brands and although Asics offer an incredible range too and we are very pro Asics in store, you really should give ON a go. We were tempted to try them due to connection that they have with Roger Federer (everyone loves Roger right?), he is an ambassador for ON and endorses the Cloud Flow Shoe. But with, initially, being a little sceptical about the brand, we have been delighted with the interest and the feedback from customers AND also I have been so happy running in them, I really think that ON will not be turned OFF at Withers for some time!

Three main Ranges of Road Running Shoe :

Cloud Flow

The lightest and narrowest fit of the range that we stock. Advisable to go ½ size bigger than your standard shoe size, is a neutral fit with moderate to good cushioning. My opinion is that it is aimed at the slighter built runner who wants cushioning but also wants speed. As with all ON shoes It has the ‘Cloud Elements‘ cushioning system which absorbs energy and springs you back from the road.

Cloud Swift

A little heavier than the Cloud Flow (but only a little), has a wider fit than the Cloud Flow and a built in foot wrap system to make your foot secure. It also features an ultra soft superfoam giving that ‘Springboard‘ feeling and an even softer and effective release off the road. Sizes accurate on these so no need to go above your standard size.

Cloud Stratus

The heaviest of the three shoes (but only by a little bit). Has a wide fit just like the Cloud Swift, has a built in Tongue system and a tremendous amount of Cushioning, more than the Cloud Flow and the Cloud Swift BUT the other difference is that this shoe offers lots of support too. Aimed at the heavier runner who needs support too…but I have to say having also tried this (and I am not a big fella … 11 stone) the fit and cushioning is incredible. My favourite!

Women and Mens styles & sizes

They all look distinctive and are available in ladies and mens styles. We are very excited about ON, in a trade that is hard for a new brand to feel welcome and fit in. ON has more than a chance…I think it has already spring boarded its way into the market place.

Keep an eye on their clothing too! Something we also like, it’s not cheap but it IS fantastic quality and something that we are looking at stocking soon.

On Cloudflow Womens (Rock/Rose)

On CloudFlow Womens Rock

On Cloudflow Mens (Rust/Lime Light)

On CloudFlow Mens Rust

On CloudSwift Womens (Blush/Denim)

On CloudSwift Womens Blush

On CloudSwift Mens (Black/Rock)

On CloudSwift Mens Black

On CloudStratus Womens (White/Almond)

On CloudStratus Womens

On CloudStratus Mens (Cobble/Ivy)

On CloudStratus Mens