Choosing your grip size

…avoid injury and feel right

Identifying your grip sizeGetting the correct grip size is key.

Get it wrong and you could potentially give yourself an injury, not to mention you’ll have a new racket sitting in your bag not being used because it doesn’t feel quite right. There used to be an old wives tale that if you can just place your index finger in the gap between the end of your fingers and your palm, then you have the correct grip size! This is still relatively true but we say, as long as you have a gap between the end of your fingers and your palm this is perfectly ok.

Junior rackets

We’re talking mainly adult rackets here as most junior rackets are not offered in a choice of grip sizes.

This is because the length of a junior racket is relative to the age of child it’s aimed at and the grip size will always be appropriate to the size. The only exception to this junior grip statement is when you are looking at a performance graphite junior racket in a 26” length. We absolutely recommend a grip 0 (4”)  here but you could get these in a grip size 1 (4 1/8). Please note it’s very rare that a grip size 1 is required in a 26” length… in our opinion.

Further advice

If you need any further advice or reassurance on choosing your grip size then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help make your choice as painless as we possibly can!