FREE racket customisation

Want to make sure that you can’t tell the difference between your brand new rackets? You’re in the right place…find out more about our customisation service below.


When purchasing 2 or more rackets from us, you have the option for us to customise your rackets (FREE OF CHARGE) so that they’re exactly the same. 


When you’re buying multiples of the same racket you’d expect them to be the same weight. However, there can be instances where there will be a difference between rackets and this is because each brand gives themselves a weight tolerance to work within. For example, on the latest Wilson Blade v7 range, Wilson have said each racket is +\- 5.5g. Therefore, if your racket weighs 305g, it could be anywhere between 299.5-310.5g. A huge difference, especially when you think that if you have multiple rackets, one may be 299.5g, another could be 305g and your third might be 310.5g. A difference that you may be able to notice.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to customisation. We can talk you through your options or you may already have a desired spec that you want the rackets to be. If we’re matching to a previous racket then please note that we can only add weight, we cannot reduce the weight of a racket. Knowing that your rackets are all identical when it comes to those big matches is important. You break a string on your favourite and you have to use another that just doesn’t feel quite right? Why not have all your rackets as a favourite!

Want to find out more about previous customisation that we’ve done? Click here to read about the work we did on 3 x Head Graphene 360+ Prestiges. ** Spoiler alert ** They weren’t normal Head Prestiges!

HOW DO WE CUSTOMISE RACKETS?Prince racket diagnostic centre

We do this by applying additional weight to a certain part (or parts) of the frame in order to get the desired spec. We use a Prince Racket Diagnostic Centre to measure the static weight, swing weight and balance. Once we have that we run the spec through a specialist customisation program that allows us to find out the correct location that the weight needs to be added to achieve a match. Following application of the weight we then repeat the initial measurements of static weight, swing weight and balance to ensure that your rackets are correctly matched to the desired spec.

Please note that this service is completely optional. If you don’t wish to have your rackets customised then your rackets will be sent how you have chosen when ordering.