Withers Demo Rackets

Demonstration / Test Rackets Service

Here at Withers Sports we offer a demo racket service both online and in-store from any of our shops. Please note that it is advisable to contact us if you’re planning on visiting one of our shops as we cannot always guarantee that demo rackets will be available when needed. Our demo service is well used and sometimes needs a bit of planning to keep the rackets available for you.

We carry an extensive selection of performance rackets for you to try before you buy. It offers that added reassurance that you are selecting your perfect racket. We would always advise that you visit our shops for this service as by talking with us we can narrow down your selection and hopefully help speed the process up by offering suitable rackets. Our expertise on rackets is second to none and we’re confident that we can offer you the best service and advice, making the daunting task of choosing a racket a little easier!

In-store we request proof of identity and we ask a few questions to confirm who you are and where you play etc. Assuming all is ok with this, we’re happy to let you take demo rackets away BUT if you are looking to use Withersonline.com to request a demo we do things a little differently! We treat it as a sale but we refund your money minus a £15.00 demo charge fee when the racket is returned to us. It needs to get back to us in the allocated time and in a similar condition to when it was given out (please see our online terms & conditions below).

Withersonline Demo Service Terms & Conditions

Choose a racket to try from our racket selections. Any racket that is available in our demo programme will be listed in the grip size drop down menu as “Demo this racket”. As a rule, nearly all performance rackets (rackets priced at £125 or above) will be in our DEMO programme.

There are no grip size options on demo rackets. If you wish to increase the size to suit yourself then we are happy for you to do so.

To demo a racket we simply charge you the selling price of the chosen racket, which is inclusive of a £15 demo fee. Once the racket(s) are returned, after inspection, we will either refund your account minus the £15.00 demo fee (this charge is per racket) OR if you wish to make a purchase we will send out your preferred racket. Please note that the demo fee does not occur if a racket purchase is made.

We allow no more than two rackets at a time to be tried. Please note that the demo charge (£15.00) is based on the number of rackets. So if you take two rackets out then the charge when the rackets are returned will be £30 (providing the rackets are returned to us in similar condition – please see below).

We do have the right to charge an additional fee if we feel that the racket has been misused/ill-treated or late getting back to us BUT please note that this will be discussed beforehand. We very much hope that this will not happen but as a matter of precaution we feel the need to include this.

Demo rackets are allowed to be kept for 12 days only. This time scale Includes postage both ways, which we allow an average of 2 days to get to you and 2 days for you to get back to us. Taking this into account should allow you 8 days of usage. If a racket is returned to us late and we have not been advised of a delay then we have the right to charge an additional fee.

Please call us to discuss anything with regards to this service, we are here to help. We would obviously prefer to see you in-store so that more accurate advice and support can be given but if this is not possible then hopefully our demo service will help you in the search for your new racket. If you have any other questions or concerns please call us on 0116 2622113.