In Badminton Yonex are without a doubt the world’s leading badminton brand. We stock a large range of Yonex rackets, shoes, equipment and accessories. Priding themselves on quality the Japanese made Yonex rackets are second to none and featuring their isometric head shape that has become synonymous with the brand they are player friendly. So when the points get tough the racket is there to give you a helping hand. With a few key ranges that are designed to give you different things : Astrox, Nanoflare, Duora, Arcsaber.


With quality that is second to none and technologies that make their rackets even easier to use we have found lots of players fond of Yonex. Their isometric headshape gives players more margin for error and safe in the knowledge that they are comfortable on the arm you can play without worry. Ranges: Ezone, VCore, Vcore Pro. We also have a range of luggage to complement the key rackets. Not to mention the footwear, whether its lightweight for those lightning fast movements around the court or support for those times where you need a little more stability Yonex have got you covered.