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Featuring a pair of technologies that work together to create ultimate control. FreeFlex uses proprietary carbon mapping to generate new dimensions of frame bending, giving players free-swinging accuracy with every stroke. To accommodate such a flexible frame construction, StableSmart features a unique frame geometry that maintains excellent stability and power. A highly playable performance tennis racket that maximises flexibility without sacrificing stability, Clash exudes absolute confidence for players of all ages and styles.


The newest generation Blade,V7.0, now features FeelFlex to connect players with the ball unlike ever before. Featuring carbon mapping placed strategically throughout the frame, FeelFlex increases frame flexibility and stability for superior feel. Throw in reduced spec variance for added consistency from frame to frame plus a new Top Grip Taper for more comfortable top-hand grip placement. Ideal for the big hitting player that wants feel the ball, perfect for attacking.


the Pro Staff delivers the pure, classic feel tennis players have come to love but with an all-new uncontaminated design. A racket that has become synonymous with the brand, Prostaff may not be the most forgiving racket but it is certainly one of the most rewarding. As used by Roger Federer, be wary though the 340g version he endorses isn’t for the faint hearted.


The Ultra v3 upgrades two key performance metrics for players with more of a classic horizontal swing: power and stability. A host of geometrical improvements team up with a sturdy frame composition to generate admirable liveliness and plow-through. Headlining this list of all-new PowerProfile geometries is the combination of Integrated Perimeter Weighting System and a Sweet Spot Channel that extends the cross strings for a few extra degrees of power while increasing the sturdiness of the frame.