Choosing your string

Choosing your stringWhen choosing your restring it can be as technical or as simple as you want. Below is some basic information to help you when making the choice. If you require more technical information then please get in touch and we’ll be on hand to offer you all the help you need and make it a perfect choice for your playing style.

Please note that we offer a special introductory price for a restring when purchasing a new racket. So you may find the price different to that found in our in-store stringing price list.

String Type:


As the name suggests, a single core string that is usually fairly rigid and durable offering optimal amounts of control for the more technical player. Over the years, companies have started to develop softer polyester strings that offer more comfort, but keep the control and durability characteristics. So in a nutshell a monofilament is not so good at stopping vibrations running through your arm, but is excellent on durability and control.


These strings consist of multiple fibres woven together and offer a soft feel. They’re very good for people who have suffered with tennis elbow or other forms of arm injury and offers easy access to power as a softer string is more elastic. The main down side for this string type is the durability, so if you’re a ‘string breaker‘ it’s probably best to stay away from a full string bed in a multifilament string. A multifilament is the perfect string for juniors and we’d advise them staying on a softer string for as long as possible!


A mixture of both monofilament and multifilament that together gives you a little bit of everything! The most common set up is having the polyester in the mains which will offer control and spin, whilst the multifilament in the crosses will offer you power, feel and comfort. You can switch them around, this will offer you more feel, power and comfort.

Best Sellers

Below are a few examples of our best sellers:

Yonex Poly Tour Pro – a softer polyester suitable for all players ranging from beginners to advanced.

Babolat RPM Blast – An octagonal shaped string that offers increased spin potential. An added coating helps durability and is used by Rafael Nadal.

Luxilon Alu Power/Rough – Power and control rolled into one. One of the most popular strings in the world. Well suited in a hybrid. Also available in a rough version for added bite on the ball to help increase spin potential.

Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro – One of the softest multifilament strings. Perfect for people who have suffered with tennis elbow. Power, comfort and feel all rolled into one. Also great for juniors due to the soft feel.

Babolat RPM Blast Rough – The spin machine. A more textured version of RPM Blast offering even more spin potential.

Tension on Restrings:

String tension recommendations have definitely changed over the past 10 years or so. Our most popular requests are between 50-54lbs, this obviously depends on the head size, string pattern, gauge and the player as well. A few years ago this statement would have read 55-60lbs. The reason for this change is because lower tensions take the strain off your arm and although not always understood, a lower tension does offer more power.

It’s what we call the “trampoline effect”. The looser the strings, the longer the ball will stay on the string bed, resulting in more power being generated. What you need to be aware of is that the lower the tension, the less control and the more accurate you will need to be when striking the ball. A higher tension offers less power, but more control as when the ball contacts the strings there is little give from the string bed, the ball will flatten and lose energy.

Again for any further help on the above please give us a call. We can help make your selection less stressful and choosing the right string and tension is important!