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Yonex presents the world’s first racket to allow 7 possible configurations combined with the powerful TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM. Update from the standard Yonex Voltric 70, giving players unmatched power potential.

The powerful VOLTRIC TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM equipped with new linked grommets offers more power than ever before. Compared to the previous model, the VOLTRIC 70 E-tune cuts down on power loss to give players a 3% increase in power.

Furthermore, with the introduction of the new E-tune parts, the TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM has been taken to the next level. Players can fully customize their level of power by distributing weight where they want.

Upper Part Grommets – 6% increase in power*. A top-heavy configuration, allowing players to hit powerful shots with significant force.

Lower Part Grommets – 4% increase in power*. Maintains maneuverability and offers extra power boost in all-around shots creating more chances to smash.

All Part Grommets – 10% increase in power*. The ultimate power configuration for players seeking maximum power in their game. Utilize the newly evolved TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM.

We at Withers Sports cannot wait to have this racket in stock. It offers the consumer something completely different in our opinion, allowing them to be fully in control on the power they want to generate. The racket still maintains it’s forgiving nature with a medium flex shaft, allowing for a slightly longer dwell time. Top quality high modulus graphite giving you great comfort and feel

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*Compared to no E-tune parts
Testing machine with consistent swing speed used for comparison data
Tested by YONEX