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With over 80 years experience in the racket industry and now very much established as one of the UK’s leading racket specialists, we have good reason to believe that having a restring at Withers goes far beyond just having your strings changed.

Qualified Stringers

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Throughout our history we’ve moved with the times, updating our tools and knowledge to keep pace with leading stringing developments and processes.

The stringing team at Withers has received top quality training and restrung thousands of rackets – they provide our customers with the best experience and quality of work possible.

Stringing for Tennis, Badminton, Squash or Racketball

Whether it’s a racket for a top professional or an avid beginner, the care we give each frame; tennis, badminton, squash or racketball, is exactly the same.

As stated, having a restring at Withers goes beyond just the string bed. It’s all the questions that we ask, the recommendations that we suggest beforehand to give you the best options possible and the after sales service as well. It all depends on what you’re after…

  • Would you like power? Spin? Control? Comfort? All of the above?
  • Have you ever suffered from tennis elbow? Frozen shoulders? Arm or wrist pain?
  • Do you have an idea of what tension you would like?
  • Have you just changed racket and aren’t getting on with the factory string?
  • If there are different options of string gauge, offering advice on what would be best for you.
  • Do you need a new grip and grommet strip? We can check your racket and recommend a change if there’s significant wear and tear.
  • Is your racket cracked? We’ll always check your frame over for any potential cracks.

Stringing with care and attention

Once each frame has been taken in, checked over and is ready to be restrung, the techniques and methods that we use help us to give you the best restring possible. Whether it’s better that your racket be strung with 2 knots or 4, from cutting out the strings, cleaning the racket, mounting it in the machine, stringing and weaving techniques, keeping the strings as straight as possible throughout the restring, the tie off knots we use and right the way down to keeping the strings on the outside of the frame as short as possible to help with tension loss. No stone is left unturned.

  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Speed

Electronic Stringing Equipment

Having your racket strung on an electronic stringing machine could make all the difference, compared to having it strung on drop weight machines etc. Electronic machines should (depending on how well you look after them) be pulling tension at exactly what it’s supposed to be. There’s always that scepticism on any other type of machine that it won’t pull up how it’s meant to. If your rackets aren’t being strung to how you want them, then this isn’t very cost effective.

All our machines are fully electronic and are used at ATP and WTA tournaments across the world.

Babolat Evolution Tour - stringing machine

Babolat Evolution Tour (Used at Wimbledon)

Withers Yonex Protech 8 stringing machine

Yonex ProTech 8 (Used at the Australian Open)

Head TE3300 stringing machine

Head TE-3300 (Used at the Laver Cup)

Changing your stringing?

We keep records of all restrings we perform. So, if you would like the same set-up as you’ve had before or alternatively, would like to try something different. We have a reference point that we can work from.

Speed and quality of service

Our turn around time is usually no more than 48 hours and if you need it done on the day, that’s sometimes possible too. It also helps that all of our members of staff, to varying standards, play at local clubs. We have a personal connection and a good working relationship with our customers, so they trust in our knowledge that what we advise is the best option for them.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service that we provide. So what better excuse than to come to the experts who treat your frames as their own.

Withers restring rackets at each of our locations. Our team are rotated where they are working, so if you want a specific stringer it might be worth giving the main shop in Carts Lane a call (Tel: 0116 262 2113) and explaining what (or who) you want.

Stringing @ Withers Leicester City Centre – 6 Carts Lane – Tel: 0116 262 2113

Stringing @ Leicestershire Tennis & Squash Club – 4 Westernhay Road – Tel: 0116 270 3500

Stringing @ Nottingham Stringing Centre – David Lloyd, West Bridgford – Tel: 0115 982 7111

Yonex presents the world’s first racket to allow 7 possible configurations combined with the powerful TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM. Update from the standard Yonex Voltric 70, giving players unmatched power potential.

The powerful VOLTRIC TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM equipped with new linked grommets offers more power than ever before. Compared to the previous model, the VOLTRIC 70 E-tune cuts down on power loss to give players a 3% increase in power.

Furthermore, with the introduction of the new E-tune parts, the TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM has been taken to the next level. Players can fully customize their level of power by distributing weight where they want.

Upper Part Grommets – 6% increase in power*. A top-heavy configuration, allowing players to hit powerful shots with significant force.

Lower Part Grommets – 4% increase in power*. Maintains maneuverability and offers extra power boost in all-around shots creating more chances to smash.

All Part Grommets – 10% increase in power*. The ultimate power configuration for players seeking maximum power in their game. Utilize the newly evolved TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM.

We at Withers Sports cannot wait to have this racket in stock. It offers the consumer something completely different in our opinion, allowing them to be fully in control on the power they want to generate. The racket still maintains it’s forgiving nature with a medium flex shaft, allowing for a slightly longer dwell time. Top quality high modulus graphite giving you great comfort and feel

vt70etbloglower vt70etblogupper


*Compared to no E-tune parts
Testing machine with consistent swing speed used for comparison data
Tested by YONEX