Choosing your grip size

There used to be an old wives tale of being able to get your little finger in the gap between the end of your fingers and the palm of your hand when holding a racket grip. In fact it is still worth considering this but we advise that as long as there is a gap between the end of your fingers and your palm then this is ok.

The “GOLDEN RULE” is if you are not sure, go for the smaller grip as we can always make it bigger by adding an over grip or using a heat sleeve (see Increasing your Grip Size). It is important to change your grip regularly as they do wear thin during use and with this the cushioning, feel and size alters. The slightest change around the grip can make a huge difference to not only the feel but also the strain that is put on the arm, this can be a cause of elbow pain, the fear of any Tennis Player!

A grip that is too big can put excessive strain on the arm as you are trying hard to keep hold of the grip, this can strain the forearm that can irritate the elbow, the same can be said for a grip that is too small, again you are straining the forearm to keep control of the grip.

Choosing the correct grip is important to your performance too, a grip that is too big can inhibit your racket head control, a grip that is too small can make it hard for your hand to keep control of the racket.

REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE – Go smaller if unsure as we can increase a grip size, if you go too big at the start it is virtually impossible to accurately decrease the grip!!