There are two main reasons why you might look to customise your tennis rackets

…and it is not just for pro’s!

1. Getting your rackets to feel and ‘play’ the same

For some people the switch to a spare racket (when a string breaks) prompts a grimace and a quick check of the diary to see how long before the next match and whether there will be time enough to get the restring done.

But for others, who have their rackets customised so that all of their rackets have the same weight and balance, the racket switch isn’t noticeable.

2. Changing a standard racket to suit your style

The major racket brands suit some players perfectly, off the shelf.

For others there is something not quite ideal about the feel and ‘play’ of the racket. Then it comes down to picking the closest to your needs and customising the weight, the balance point or the swing weight to be exactly what is required.

What Withers can do with your rackets

At Withers we can help you make your rackets look, feel and play the same as each other. We have a Racket Diagnostic Machine in store which helps us to identify how to customise your racket. To add weight to a racket is easy BUT to do it properly by placing weight in a position that suits you is not. The diagnostic machine tells us the rackets current weight, its balance and its swing weight.

Prince Racket Tuning CentreWe can change your racket to a head heavy balance, a head light balance or an even balance and we can alter or maintain its swing weight. There is no right or wrong here as we all have different styles of play but through discussion we can advise what might suit your game. Depending on what you want from your racket we use weight, balance and swing weight and run those numbers through the customisation programme we use and that gives us a few options for where we could add the weight. It is a service that does need face to face contact so pop in and talk to us we are happy to advise.

The diagnostic machine is also a really good piece of equipment for matching rackets, when you purchase multiples of the same racket there are variations in weight and through taking the measurements we have already mentioned we can make all of your rackets the same, if you have a favourite out of your rackets more often than not we can make your others the same (providing they are lighter than the one you like most).