ON Running Performance Apparel

ON Running Clothing and Footwear now available at Withers Sports

ON running is a new brand to Withers Sports. It is still quite a new brand (in the scheme of things) and is fast taking the running world by storm. We have always sold Asics running shoes but we have been looking for another brand to not only complement this but also a brand that fits in well with what Withers Sports is about. Absolute Quality! I think we’ve found it?

ON Running shoes

ON Running shoes

ON running shoes have a very special ambassador and one that the majority of our customers will know well and most probably all will have the upmost respect for…Roger Federer. As ON is a Swiss brand, it makes sense that Mr Federer would want to support them…as long as he respects and trusts the brand and their vision! Well he certainly does that, as he is instrumental in the design of the shoes! He’s a true ’sneakerhead’, a collector and connoisseur of trainers. Having worn his fair share his input in the development of the On shoes will be extremely valuable.

ON offer a wide range of shoes that cover road running, trail running and hiking. It is the road running shoes that are getting most of the attention at the moment. The Cloudflow is getting all the attention right now, it is light but stable and extremely well cushioned. Not to mention, the shoe that Roger Federer is endorsing at the moment (there is a great video of him using this shoe). Other notable shoes in there range are the Cloudswift and the Cloud. The Cloudswift is a slightly wider shoe than the Cloudflow but has more cushioning as I would think with the additional width on the shoe, it is aimed at the ‘heavier runner’. The Cloud is a great allround running and gym shoe. The shoes are available in Womens and Mens colours and they definitely have their own distinctive look.

I had a hip replacement approximately two years ago, the pain before, and the recovery after, has meant that I have not run properly for around 6 years. During the ‘Lockdown ‘ I tempted myself to try it again…so glad I did! I have been using the Cloudflow shoes and they feel so nice. As long as I do not get too excited about running again and go crazy, I am sure that I will enjoy running in the Cloudflows for some time.

ON Running Cloudflow RustLimelight M

ON Running Cloudflow RustLimelight

ON clothing is something that we are just starting to support. I invested in a few pieces to get a feel for them…and…because they are not cheap, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about! The quality is unbelievable, they feel very comfortable to wear and they look fantastic. Not the biggest range but it does not need to be…running leggings, sweat pants, running tee shirts and long sleeve, hoodies, rain jackets, shorts, socks and hats… pretty much cover it I think. They will be added to the Withers Online Shop very soon (by the time this goes out they might even already be added) and we are very excited about this range as, if it is quality and fit you are after, I don’t think you will find better than ON Clothing.

To summarise…ON Running is absolute quality and has its own distinctive look, I hope you are as excited about ON as we are?

Thank you for reading