A message from Steve

Steve BrettFour weeks in and the situation is not getting any easier out there. We hope that you are all safe and well and, on behalf of Withers Sports, please take very good care of yourselves.

We are still trying to tick over and are being as productive as we possibly can. Withers ONLINE is growing day by day, more products are being added daily. Please keep checking your emails and keep an eye on social media posts for any updates special offers and new arrivals.


We are currently offering an additional 10% OFF online purchases. Use the code EASTER2020 at the checkout, this offer expires April 26th 2020.


We are currently getting a lot of demand for running shoes and home fitness equipment. Please see a little more information below on a selection of products that we have in stock.

With shoes from both Asics and On Running available we now have the best selection we have ever had. They’re available online and there is now an EXTRA 10% OFF and FREE 1000 MILE SOCKS!

Aftershokx Unique bone conduction headphones allow for an open ear design with vibrations that run through the cheek bone and into the inner ear, offering fantastic sound quality. With nothing in your ears you are able to hear everything going on around you – keeping you safe while you’re out on the road. NOW AN EXTRA 10% OFF ONLINE


Resistance bands, swiss balls, push up bars, skipping ropes, foam rollers etc. Now an EXTRA 10% OFF ONLINE
(Please note that due to high demand hand dumbbells are temporarily out of stock)


Please don’t forget what we are known for! Tennis rackets, badminton rackets and squash rackets! Many tennis rackets come with FREE tennis balls. Plus there’s now an EXTRA 10% OFF online.


We offer gift vouchers online too. Maybe an ideal gift for someone when we return to Carts Lane?

I appreciate you taking the time to read this weeks Withers News and as a special thank you from me here’s a dad joke to keep you smiling until next time!

How do you make a waterbed more bouncy?

Add spring water.

Stay safe everyone,

Steve Brett