Yonex VCore Pro 2019

…update to Yonex’s most advanced frame

2019 sees a brand new update to Yonex’s most advanced frame, the VCore Pro or as some people call it, ‘The Stan racket!’

New Yonex Technology

This model features a brand new technology called VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh), which is integrated within the grip and filters out unwanted vibrations by up to 30% compared to a conventional racket for enhanced feel. This racket is designed for the player that wants to be ultra-aggressive, very attack minded and wants to crush with control!

Along with VMD, this model still features the isometric head shape, famously known on Yonex rackets, which enhances the sweet spot by 7% and delivers great control without sacrificing any power. An improved throat design sees a thinner beam, longer shaft and lowered throat for optimal torque and higher spin potential as well as a material called Namd. This is a revolutionary graphite material that maintains its flex during fast swing speeds. These are paired with a grommet structure that results in 4% more spin and 2.7% more speed.

A brand new addition to the VCore Pro range sees the introduction of the Yonex VCore Pro 97 HD, which features an 18×20 string pattern, a 20mm cross section, weighing 320grams and a 97sq inch head for surgical precision, enhanced feel and added stability.

The other rackets that make up the new series are the*:

Japanese manufactured performance racket

Now, as with any Yonex performance racket, they are made in Japan. The quality and craftsmanship of a Japanese made Yonex frame is second to none! You will not find a better made racket! The quality control of their frames is exceptional.

As matches become longer and more demanding, players depend on a racket that has a unique balance of ball-crushing power, control, and comfort. The VCore Pro is just that.

As used by Stan Wawrinka and Frances Tiafoe.**


*Models that we are only stocking in store.
**Yonex players may play with a customised racket with different specifications to the model displayed.