Why independent retailers love ‘Mates Rates’

‘Mates Rates’ should be the phrase that independent retailers love to hear! Why?

Well ‘Mates Rates’ is a positive commitment that the Mate isn’t going to walk into the shop next week (or bump into you at the pub) wearing, carrying, talking about something which he/she could have bought from you but found a little cheaper elsewhere – because mates look after you and ensure that they support your business.

As well as buying everything they can from you, even if it is a fraction more expensive than the chain store or on the internet, they will be telling all of their other friends that you are experts in your field, provide a wonderful service and have a great range of products and that, as an independent retailer, you need their support too. They want you to succeed. Your Mates will be actively pushing for you to succeed. If they see an opportunity for you they’ll tell you and they will help make it happen.

Of course, if they can see where you are falling down they will help you by pointing it out too. Mates do that – kindly and constructively!

So, when someone walks into the shop, spends time with you discussing what they need, listening to you share your expertise with them in helping them to pick the right product and then they ask for ‘mates rates’ celebrate and say ‘Yes, please’. You’ll give them the best rate you can. They won’t ask for more discount because they know you are doing your best for them and they want you to make a reasonable profit. And you know that asking for Mates Rates is a firm commitment to buy now no matter what you say the price is – because anything else would be an abuse of their position as a mate!

You, on the other hand, have just signed up an ambassador for your business who is going to promote you wherever they can and ensure that you are successful. They are going to be your best asset for marketing your business and they are going to do it because they want you to succeed.

That’s what Mates are for!