Babolat Pure Strike 3.0

To know Sharp Control, you must experience Sharp Control.

The 3rd generation of the Babolat Pure Strike is just that.

Control has always been a contributing factor in our game, evolving over time with certain technological innovations.

  • the classic control of the 1980s defined by the switch from wood to graphite rackets
  • the modern control of the 2000s achieved through square beam frames bringing more energy and stability
  • today’s new evolution required to enter the 2020s

The new Pure Strike perfectly integrates this evolution of the game, combining Sharp Control with a Pure Feel at the moment of impact for optimal control.

C2 Pure Feel

The major change that Babolat have introduced into this latest version was conducted with a company called SMAC, who work in the aeronautics and aerospace industries, specialising in vibrations. This new technology, C2 Pure Feel, incorporates patches during the development of the racket, placing them just after the first layer of carbon. The patches are made from a base of viscoelastic rubber, a material that can absorb, filter, and restore vibrations, and as an added benefit, improve the sensation and touch at impact. They are placed at 3 and 9 o’clock on the frame to optimise these sensations.

During testing, in which Babolat work closely with their ATP/WTA ambassadors, international players and industry partners, 71% of players noted that the racket had better feel on impact compared to the previous version and 78% noted more control.

This new range features a model suited for all types of players, ranging from 265g – 305g. (A tour version at 320g is also available, but only on a to order basis).

Fresh, modern look

Finally, as most of us have already seen, Babolat have gone very bold with a fresh, modern look for the Pure Strike. Featuring a striking, bright red grommet strip and large graphic elements on the side of the frame, both bring a real aggressiveness that compliments the classic white of the Pure Strike.

Demos are ready and available to try!

To know Sharp Control, you must experience Sharp Control.