Yonex SV

…suit the offensive player who wants to get the most from their fast swings.

The Yonex SV range is designed to suit the offensive player who wants to get the most from their fast swings.

Through the use of the SV frame Yonex have allowed players to ‘hold onto’ the ball for longer meaning that repulsion is increased. This is done through the use of Nanometric XT which has a greater flex than standard carbon, so the ball spends longer on the string bed. Combine this with the aero shape of the frame and players will find they are launching the ball more effectively. The frame is designed to get the most out of your fast swings without you having to change your technique.

Yonex Aero Fin

Aero Fin Design

Leading on from this, the aero fin design on both the inner and outer areas of the frame decreases air resistance and further increases the speed of your swing. Historically the areas of the frame where the fins have been added have the areas with the highest air resistance, this has all changed with the introduction of the fins. They give you improved levels of spin, a higher ball trajectory (reducing risk) and a faster ball speed and quite frankly who doesn’t want the ball to come off their racket faster with less chance of errors?!

Yonex Ismotric

Isometric Headshape

Building on previous successes the SV features the Isometric headshape, by increasing the number of main and cross strings that meet in the centre of the racket the sweetspot is effectively increased in size. Giving you a 7% more effective hitting area, meaning you get more when you need it most. In times gone by the Isometric headshape was a problem for players but we are now finding this to be the opposite and now more than ever it is what players come in and ask about.

Yonex SVYonex SV. Spin it to the Limit.

With various weights and headsizes in the SV range it is accommodating of all styles and abilities. We’ve found the aero fins on both the inner and outer edges of the frame to be a great addition as it gives a much improved manoeuvrability. Comparing it to the Yonex Vcore Tour F97 we did feel the difference and an increase in swing speed was definitely evident. So if you have previously used a Vcore Tour F and are looking for something new to add to your arsenal we would recommend you consider the SV range. As usual with Yonex frames, quality is assured and something that we are finding more and more important to players who are after the best quality possible.