Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail

…Black is the new Black.

The next evolution of the iconic Pro Staff has arrived. Enhanced precision, consistency and energy from the addition of Countervail technology, mixed with the tuxedo black paint job, lets the Pro Staff 97 take its next step forward.

Out of all the Wilson rackets, the Pro Staff 97 has been our best-selling frame this year! Most people will immediately ask for what Federer is using when they come to see us, but at 340grams, the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph isn’t the most forgiving of rackets and let’s be honest, there is really only one person in the world that can wave it around like a wand…

This is where the Pro Staff 97 comes into play. It is a lighter version of the RF97 Autograph, weighing in at 315grams; it makes it much more manoeuvrable and with a balance of 31.0cm, it makes it slightly more head heavy than the RF97. As is with all the Pro Staff range, the 97sq inch head size offers you optimal control, but your timing and technique will need to be on point to get the best out of this racket.

Wilson Prostaff 97CV

When looking across the range of all Wilson rackets, the Pro Staff range is the one that offers you as a player, the most feel and touch. This is down to the braided graphite. This construction of graphite allows less vibration to come through to your arm and enhances touch and control.

Wilson-Prostaff 97CV thumbnalLeading on from this, Wilson have introduced the addition of their latest technology, Countervail, within this version of the Pro Staff. A carbon layer integrated into the frame, Countervail is a material that maximizes a player’s energy, reduces muscle fatigue and shortens recovery time. It is used heavily in the aerospace industry to increase energy during movement in extreme conditions, while Tour de France-winning bikes have it in their frames to help cyclists conserve energy during the most brutal stages. It was found during testing, that a racket with Countervail in has a 30% reduction in vibration as well as 40% more control over shots compared to previous Wilson models.

Whilst the spec of the Pro Staff 97 CV hasn’t changed from the previous model, this updated version will offer you more than ever before! Maximising your energy, reducing muscle fatigue and shortening your recovery time, whilst at the same time, reducing vibration and offering optimal touch and feel… sounds too good to be true?! Pop into store today to see for yourself.