Wilson Pro Staff v13

1983 Meets Modern

Wilson ProStaff v13 tennis rackets

Spanning over 3 decades, nothing says tennis more than the name Pro Staff. Iconic, legendary and classic automatically spring to mind. A mere 117 Grand Slam titles speak for themselves. Edberg. Sampras. Federer… all have put their own stamp on history using the Pro Staff.

Over the years, the Pro Staff has seen some major changes. Starting off with the original Pro Staff 6.0 with its small 85sq inch head size, through to the current v13 with a 97sq inch head size. Technology over time has indeed played a big role in this as well.

v13 is an evolution. The spec from the previous model hasn’t changed. However, the introduction of a new ‘Braid 45’ construction sees the arrangement of braided fibres at a 45 degree angle, allowing the braid to ‘breathe’ more upon impact. The result is enhanced feel and added stability. Two additional upgrades include a denser string bed that improves consistency on every shot and a new end cap* that is used across Wilson’s other performance racket lines for improved comfort and ergonomics.

Taking inspiration from the original Pro Staff, red and yellow pin stripes bring a touch of ‘old school’ to the frame. The racket also features a unique exposed carbon fibre weave at the top of the hoop for that modern look.

The range has been kept the same along with the addition of the 97UL:

Overall, it’s a little bit vintage and a whole lot of modern.

*Upgrades are not on the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph.

Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff range of luggage

Luggage is available in a 15R, 9R as well as a backpack. The Super Tour Pro Staff range pays tribute to the Pro Staff franchise and matches perfectly to the rackets with the blacked out effect, carbon like panels and red and yellow touches.

Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff 15 racket pack
Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff 15 racket pack
Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff tennis racket backpack