Babolat Pure Aero - Spin Machine 2023

Babolat Pure Aero – Spin Machine

The spin machine just got better.!

When a young Spanish phenomenon named Rafael Nadal burst onto the scene, Babolat created the ultimate spin racket to suit his playing style, the Aeropro Drive or as it’s now known, the Pure Aero.

Now, with the eighth generation of the Aero, the range of rackets has emerged with an approach that recognises that there are different spin profiles which need slightly differing rackets, so that everyone can “own their own spin”. Now, with the next gen firmly making their mark on tour, players such as Holger Rune, Felix Auger Aliassime, Leylah Fernandez and the current world number 1, Carlos Alcaraz are seen wielding the new Pure Aero.

Carlos Alcaraz’s first thoughts when seeing the racket.

The Pure Aero Range

In the Pure Aero range, the 4 main rackets (exc junior frames) are the Pure Aero 98, the Pure Aero, the Pure Aero Team and the Pure Aero Lite.


Weighing between 270g and 300g, all these frames have a 100sq. inch head size and a 16 x 19 string pattern. The Pure Aero at 300g is suited for someone who is naturally strong and hits the ball at the top of the bounce with powerful groundstrokes. Combined with a new, tighter 16 x 19 string pattern increases control compared to the previous generation, whilst maintaining power and spin.


At 285g, the Pure Aero Team is a lighter version of its big brother. With a more open 16 × 19 string pattern compared to the Pure Aero, provides spin and power in a more easily manoeuvrable frame.


Finally, the Pure Aero Lite weighing 270g, is the lightest frame within the range and is perfectly suited for juniors moving onto their first full size frame or an adult looking for a lightweight, powerful racket.


Based on the Pure Aero, the Pure Aero 98 is a more controlled version. This is effectively the successor of the Pure Aero VS. The heaviest model in the range at 305g features a slightly smaller headsize (98sq. inch head size), a tighter string pattern (16 x 20) and a thinner cross section. All aimed at a more control version, but keeping the spin characteristics of the Aero name.

Pure Aero Range of tennis rackets

Pure Aero Technology

Babolat have introduced natural flax fibres on the new Pure Aero racket to help reduce the vibrations that can cause injuries in the arm, because flax has very good absorption properties combined with mechanical resistance.

Small flax patches – known as Natural Flax Filtration Technologies, or NF²-Tech – have been placed at three o’clock and nine o’clock on the frame and on the handle of the Pure Aero. On the Pure Aero 98, the flax patches are only at three o’clock and nine o’clock on the frame because the type of player this racket is aimed at likes to keep some vibration in the hand in order to better feel the impact of the ball on the strings. As well as enhancing the feel, the flax patches also make the sound of the ball hitting the strings distinctly different.

The Pure Aero, Team and Lite models combine flax patches on the handle with a slightly different vibration filtration technology on the head.

FSI SPIN: An open string pattern for maximum spin generation. Includes the Woofer system, which lengthens the contact time between the ball and the string, increasing control and enhancing comfort.

SWX Pure Feel: An advanced vibration dampening material integrated into the graphite of the racket for pure feel and incredible sound.

AEROMODULAR³: An Aerodynamic frame that integrates the bumper and grommets into the racket head, letting you swing faster and generate more spin.


The right set up in any racket will compliment the player and frame. Now, whilst everyone is different in what they feel from the strings, certain strings can compliment a racket and enhance the characteristics further. The Pure Aero combined with Babolat RPM Rough brings unmatched spin and snapback. To create spin is down to the movement of the string during ball contact and more so after! The moment they slide back into place is what is important. This is what’s known as snap back. If you look closely on the string, you will see that the Babolat logo is actually embedded into the string. Through extensive research in France, it was found that it allows for maximum slide and minimum friction between the strings. 

There is a reason why they call the Pure Aero the spin machine.

And it’s just got bigger and better.

*Please note that professional players may use different specifications on their rackets.*