Yonex Tennis Racket Technologies


Enhanced sweet spot

Yonex isometric sweet spotIt is the most recognisable feature of a Yonex racket. When comparing a conventional 100sq inch head size with that of a Yonex 100sq inch head, there is a noticeable difference with the head shape. The isometric technology that Yonex deliver on all their rackets offers you a much bigger sweet spot. This is due to expanding the intersection of the main and cross strings and this in return increases the sweet spot by 7%.

On the latest EZone rackets, Yonex have managed to produce the biggest sweet spot on any EZone model to date by expanding the 4 corners of the racket face which returns a 5% increase in string flex, meaning you can generate more power and better feel.


Explosive power

yonex hyper mgInserted into the top part of the frame on the latest EZone rackets, Hyper-MG (Hyper Modulus Graphite) radically increases the snapback speed of the frame, which in return enhances power and ball speed. When combined with the large isometric sweet spot, Hyper-MG allows for greater power and unmatched comfort even on off-centre shots.

Micro Offset Layout

Unmatched comfort.

micro offset layoutWhen it comes to comfort, there aren’t many better to choose than Yonex. This new design of grommets allows for a straighter alignment of the main and cross strings. Uneven strings going through the grommets creates a much harsher impact and results in a loss of power and some shock not been absorbed by the grommets.

Micro Offset Layout grommet technology enhance power from the strings, whilst increased string contact with the grommet stops and absorbs shock much better from the impact of the ball and results in a much more forgiving string bed.

With technology becoming a more and more contributing factor in rackets, Yonex are and will remain one of our best selling brands.