Dunlop SX Range… Spin Redefined

Dunlop SX full range2020 sees a new innovation from Dunlop in the form of their SX Range helping to make every shot count with more spin, power and control.

When developing this new range of rackets, Dunlop was finding that the rackets in the previous range were twisting on off-center shots, leading to more inconsistency. This led them to create Spin Boost Technology. Small details at the top of the frame will show arrows above the main strings pointing in a specific direction with the strings sliding in that direction upon impact.

Low impact locations:

  • 46% more string glide
  • More bite

High impact locations:

  • Less string glide
  • Less bite

What the SX range means for your game…

Combining these produces a ball trajectory that is 13% more consistent in terms of height and distance compared to CV 3.0.

It has a larger than average sweet spot from the use of the Power Grid String Technology, which creates a 30% larger sweet spot, evenly distributing power across the string bed. This allows you to access more power, better control, and enhanced spin. The Sonic Core made with Infinergy material significantly improves the speed of the ball off the racket allowing for more aggressive shot-making while reducing frame vibrations by up to 37%, giving a more comfortable hitting sensation.

Infinergy foam developed by BASF, the world’s first E-TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) offers much greater rebound properties compared to the original Sonic Core material, in faster ball speed off the racket. Finally, featuring a V-shaped cross-section that allows you to get a firm bite and enhanced power.

The range* features weights to accommodate all type of players and styles:

  • SX 300: 100sq. inch headsize, 300g, 32.0cm balance
  • SX 300 LS: 100 sq. inch headsize, 285g, 32.5cm balance
  • SX 300 Lite: 100sq. inch headsize, 270g, 33.0cm balance

Powered by Srixon and engineered in Japan.

*please note that these are the models we will stocking in store. Other models are also available.