Yonex EZone

…Unleash your inner Beast!

Looking for unmatched comfort and power? The brand new Yonex EZone range will be right up your street! Rather than being a brand new racket that has being released, we like to think of this series of rackets as more as an evolution.

A newly engineered isometric sweet spot, boasts a 5% increase by expanding the 4 corners of the racket face for longer mains and crosses, which will allow the string to flex more, resulting in more power and better feel. This is biggest isometric sweet spot in EZone History!

With the addition of Hyper-MG (Hyper Modulus Graphite) embedded into the top of the frame, this will massively enhance the snapback speed of the frame, increasing power and also ball speed. Along with the O.P.S (Oval Pressed Shaft), this builds the ideal amount of shaft flex at impact into the racket. This extends time for enhanced ball spin and directional control, added with an optimized shaft shape for a stronger cross section; this has increased repulsion by 5%.

Yonex rackets have always been known for being very arm friendly rackets. This range is no different. With the introduction of Micro Offset Layout and Quake Shut Gel Air, you will have unmatched comfort. Micro Offset Layout technology has allowed for vibration to be cut down significantly. By carefully designing the position of the grommets and the precise orientation of the strings and grommets, vibration has been greatly reduced, resulting in fantastic feel and a much more forgiving string bed. Added alongside that is Quake Shut Gel Air, which is a 3 layer dampening material embedded into the handle. It absorbs shock from ball impact and has increased shock absorption by 16%.

This range will boast the EZone 98 (Used by Nick Kyrgios and Coco Vandeweghe) and EZone 100 (Used by Victoria Azarenka, Martina Hingis and Belinda Bencic) as their main flagship rackets. Both are available in 2 weights.

Weighing in 310g and 285g (EZone 98LG), the EZone 98 is the more control based frame out of the two. The thinner beam will mean you will need to time the ball a bit better to get the best out of this frame. If you are after more power and control, then look towards the 310g version. If you are seeking a bit more manoeuvrability, then the 98LG will be our recommendation of weapon!

The EZone 100 will offer you that slightly bigger sweet spot, for slightly more power and a bit more forgiveness. Weighing in at 300g as well, it’s our best-selling racket in the EZone range. Again, Yonex offer a lighter model for a bit more manoeuvrability, with the EZone 100LG (285g). Both rackets have a 16×19 stringing pattern, for even more feel. Finally, if you are a junior, looking to make the jump up to a senior frame, then Yonex offer the Ezone Lite. Weighing 270g, this racket is perfect to make that step!

All these frames are designed and engineered in Japan. We believe Yonex performance rackets are the best on our shelf. With Japanese craftsmanship and the latest technology to help make the racket feel as comfortable as possible, you will struggle to find a range that will beat them!

Unleash your inner Beast this summer with the brand new EZone range!

Yonex Ezone