Wilson Blade v7 – your Greater Than awaits

…but what does it take?

Well, Wilson’s answer is the brand new Blade v7 series. For years now, the Blade range has always been one of the most popular frames on the shelf. Year on year, each model has seen subtle changes made to it. However, when Wilson came up with the revolutionary technology used in the Clash series, they couldn’t wait to see how parts of the technology could be tailored to the needs of Blade players.

An evolution of Clash’s revolutionary FeelFlex technology. FeelFlex produces a more connected-to-the-ball feel whilst better complementing the modern-day swing path. Carbon mapping strategically placed throughout the frame provides additional stability and flexibility through your swing, whilst maintaining the feel Blade players know and love.

  • 20% increase in horizontal flexibility allows for more control.
  • 12.7% increase in vertical stability produces more spin.
  • 11.4% increase in stability generates more power.

Mixing old technology with new, Braided graphite + Basalt and Parallel Drilling are again featured in this version of the Blade. Braided Graphite + Basalt is an elastic and reactive material combination that improves the flex of a racket. This evolution of Wilson’s BLX technology increases the ball’s contact with the strings to provide enhanced feel and greater control and Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response whilst increasing the sweet spot.

Blade v7 Rackets made by Wilson, sold by WithersSlight tweaks have been made to the range to accommodate more players. Wilson decided on increasing the headsize ever so slightly on the 2 lightest models in the family. The Blade 98UL/98L that previously were, are now the Blade 100UL/Blade 100L. Weighing 265g and 285g respectively, the same as the previous models, now offer players a bigger sweet spot due to the new 100 sq. inch headsize on both frames. The Blade 98S is still the go-to frame for players looking for increased spin potential from the frame due to the more open string pattern on this frame (18×16). A huge 1g increase in weight (now 295g) is also new for the v7 model! This is the same for the most popular frames in the family, the Blade 98 16/19 or 18/20. An increase in weight of 1g (now 305g), but the main difference with v7 16/19 or 18/20 is the balance. Moving away from a slightly head heavy balance for the first time, they have altered the balance to 32.0cm from 32.5cm. Now, this doesn’t seem like much, however, for such a player based frame it makes a big difference. The frame will feel a lot more balanced and allow you to have quicker racket head speed and an increase in manoeuvrability as the racket isn’t as head heavy.

  • Blade 98 18/20: 98sq.inch headsize, 305g, 32.0cm balance
  • Blade 98 16/19: 98sq.inch headsize, 305g, 32.0cm balance
  • Blade 98S: 98sq.inch headsize, 295g, 32.5cm balance, 18/16 string pattern
  • Blade 100L: 100sq.inch headsize, 285g, 33.0cm balance, 16/19 string pattern
  • Blade 100UL: 100sq.inch headsize, 265g, 33.5cm balance, 16/19 string pattern

v7 is designed with all the things that make up an elite feeling racket – the type of elite feel that competitive players need to execute every type of shot.