Leicester Stringing Centre

6 Carts Lane

Tel: 0116 262 2113
Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours:

Mon. to Sat. 9am – 5.30pm

Withers Re-Stringing Services

Leicester Stringing Centre

With stringers on hand every day our city centre shop is well equipped to support all of your racket needs. As well as stringing on-site we are able to offer diagnostic and customisation services. With a comprehensive range of strings available you’ll be spoilt for choice when it’s time for a restring. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are on hand to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

Withers Stringing Centre Locations

Leicester Stringing Centre

Leicester City Centre

Leicestershire Stringing Centre

Leicestershire Tennis & Squash Club

Nottingham Stringing Centre

West Bridgford David Lloyd Centre, Nottingham

Racket Stringing & Diagnostic Equipment used


Withers Yonex Protech 8 stringing machine


Arguably our best machine, the Protech 8 calibrates daily upon being switched on. Ensuring that you get the tension you request every time. An incredibly smooth machine that takes the stringer into account, simple assembly allows for easy access maintenance and with switches and sensors placed in stringer friendly locations it makes stringing rackets a dream. Being fully height and tilt adjustable the Protech can suit all members within the Withers team.

Wilson Baiardo

Withers Wilson Baiardo stringing machine

Wilson Baiardo

Our second machine, the Wilson Baiardo is packed full of technology, with settings for different users all stored within the machines computer it’s easy for stringers to switch from one to another without having to reset all of the settings. Featuring electronic height alteration the Baiardo brings a different level of luxury to the normal manual adjustment. With various settings for stringing at angles dependent on whether you’re stringing mains or crosses it is focused on being as comfortable as possible for the stringer. On switch on the machine carries out various diagnostic checks to ensure that it is ready to use.

Prince Racket Diagnostic Centre

Prince racket diagnostic centre

Prince Racket Diagnostic Centre

Every Racket the Same

The Prince Racket Diagnostic Centre (Prince Precision Tuning Centre) is used to measure the 3 most critical characteristics of a racquet:

  • weight
  • balance
  • swing weight

With this equipment we can ensure that your rackets are identical. No more ‘favourite’ racket. Each one can now feel and play exactly the same – unless of course you, like the pros, have different stringing tension or types to suit different conditions.

So, now there is no excuse – tennis, squash and rackets players across the midlands will see their consistency rocket!