Tennis Racket Restring Price List

StringFull Set / Half Set
Babolat Synthetic Gut (White, Yellow and Blue) – Durable synthetic gut with a monofilament construction.1.30mm£20 / £10
Head Lynx (Green) – A monofilament string that features a new co-polymer mixture which gives you more power, comfort and better touch.1.30mm£25 / £12.50
Babolat Pro Hurricane (White and Blue) – Tough monofilament ideal for string breakers. 1.25mm£26 / £13
Solinco Tour Bite (Silver) – Square shaped co-polyester monofilament. Designed to generate maximum power and increase spin. 1.25mm/1.30mm£26 / £13
Luxilon Savage (Black and Lime) – Hexagonal string, great for spin with added control and enhanced feel. 1.27mm£27 / £13.50
Yonex Poly Tour Pro (Yellow and Black) – Polyester/Monofilament construction. Good durability with a comfortable feel. 1.25mm
£27 / £13.50
Yonex Poly Tour Spin (Blue) – Polyester/Monofilament construction. Good durability with a solid feel. Pentagon shaped for more spin. 1.25mm£27 / £13.50
Yonex Poly Tour Air (Blue) – Offers players an arm-friendly string with an enhanced feel that retains power and durability better than traditional poly strings whilst reducing the impact on your arm.1.25mm£28 / £14
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour (Yellow) – Octagonal shaped string for great spin. Holds tension well with good durability. 1.25mm/1.30mm£29 / £14.50
Wilson Sensation (Natural) – A comfortable playing string with a nice blend of feel and playability. Known for its vibration dampening qualities. It has a long standing reputation as an arm friendly string choice. 1.30mm£30 / £15
Head Hawk (Grey and White) – This monofilament string with its crystal core technology gives spin, control and durability for big hitters. 1.25mm£30 / £15
Luxilon Big Banger Original (Natural) – Very durable string which holds its tension well, great for string breakers. 1.30mm£30 / £15
Prince Pro Blend – Kevlar and Synthetic Gut hybrid. Most durable string on the market. 1.30mm x 1.30mm£32 / £16
Babolat Xcel (Natural and Black) – Very soft multifilament, perfect for sufferers of arm pain. 1.30mm£32 / £16
Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro (Natural) – Suited for players seeking a crisp feel and response without compromising durability. Maintains its tension very well and enhances playability due to their “pro stretch” method. 1.32mm£32 / £16
Luxilon Alu Power Rough (Silver) – Rough texture for added bite on the ball, a great mixture of power and control. One of the popular choices on the tour. 1.25mm£32 / £16
Luxilon Alu Power Smooth (Silver) – Hard wearing string, gives a great mixture of power an control. One of the most popular choices on the tour. 1.25mm
£32 / £16
Babolat RPM Blast (Black) – Octagonal shape gives added grip for more spin to the ball. Silicone coating prolongs the life of the string. As used by Rafael Nadal. 1.25mm/1.30mm/1.35mm£32 / £16
Babolat RPM Blast Rough (Black and Red) – For the ultimate spin! A rougher version of the original Blast string, with a textured surface to increase spin potential. 1.25mm/1.30mm£32 / £16
Yonex Poly Tour Strike (Grey) – A durable, high powered polyester string that retains tension well. Ideal for use in a hybrid.1.25mm£33 / £16.50
Head Hawk Touch (Grey) – Features the same crystal core technology as Head Hawk but Hawk Touch offers a much softer feel whilst still being a monofilament, it also retains tension well. 1.25mm£33 / £16.50
Babolat Origin (Natural and Black) – Very unique monofilament in the fact that it delivers the playability of a top end multifilament. 1.25mm/1.30mm£35 / £17.50
Wilson NXT (Natural) – One of the most popular multifilament’s ever made! It offers optimal touch, comfort, power and feel. Perfect for sufferers of arm pain. 1.30mm£35 / £17.50
Yonex Rexis (Natural) – Offering better levels of repulsion, power and durability than a traditional multifilament. Rexis is a high quality, comfortable string. 1.25mm£35 / £17.50
Yonex Multi-Sensa (Natural) – Allows players a more natural touch. Impact is comfortable, crisp and accurate. The string is “natural” gut like at impact with above average durability. 1.25mm£35 / £17.50
Luxilon Smart String (Black/Grey) – The first string engineered to process swing speed and adapt its properties in real time, Luxilon Smart does all the thinking for you. Fibre characteristics within the polymer material change based on swing speed, stiffening up during fast swings for more control and flexing during slower swings for enhanced touch.Recommended tension is 44lbs +/- 4lbs. 1.25mm/1.30mm£35 / £17.50

Read the Withers review of Luxilon Smart String – the string that does the thinking for you

Babolat VS Natural Gut – One of Babolat’s original Natural gut strings. Players who are looking for ultimate feel and power. 1.25mm/1.30mm/1.35mm


£50 / £25
Wilson Champions Choice (Natural/Silver) – It’s all in the name! Combining the ultimate playability and power from the Natural Gut, with the spin and control from the Alu Power Rough, will give you the best of both worlds!
Natural Gut (1.30mm) x
Luxilon Alu Power Rough (1.25mm)

Pricelist updated: 04/02/2019