Head 3 in 1 Swingweight Machine

Tennis Racket Customisations

With customisation becoming more and more prominent in today’s game, we took the decision to add to our roster here at the shop!

Head 3 in 1 Swingweight Machine-24Our latest addition is the HEAD 3 in 1 Swingweight machine, which is situated in our branch at David Lloyd West Bridgford. We are finding that customisation of rackets is becoming increasingly sought after and this 3 in 1 machine allows us to find out the 3 main factors to tinker with, when customising a tennis racket. Weight, Balance and Swingweight.

If you have multiple rackets or are looking to add weight to your existing racket before potentially moving to a heavier frame, this is where we come in! Depending on what specifications you are after, we will talk through with you exactly what you are wanting from the racket and how it will differ once customised.

The machine uses a set of self calibrating scales for the static weight measurement and can be measured to within 0.1g / 0.1oz, whilst the balance is measured in cm or inches. Finally, the swingweight of your racket is found with an electronic swingweight measurement and is accurate to within 0.5 points. No longer will you have a “favourite” racket!

Weight differences in tennis rackets

Prince Racket Diagnostic Machine-26Weight differences in rackets are more common than you think and knowing that your rackets are identical when on court, if you ever break a string, is important. Each brand will give themselves a weight tolerance and because of this, we are seeing more and more players wanting customisation. See our blog on some Head pro stocks rackets we did for a customer a while ago and how they varied before and after we tinkered with them!

If you aren’t local to the Nottingham area, we also have the Prince Racket Diagnostic Machine in our branch at Carts Lane, Leicester, which measures the same 3 variables as the Head 3 in 1 Machine.

To get in touch for more information about customisation, call us on 0116 2622113 / 01159 827111 or email us at [email protected]