Volkl Tennis Rackets

  • Organix Super G 1
  • V-Sense 2
  • Organix V1 MP
  • Organix V1 OS
  • V-Sense 8

Volkl Rackets Range

Volkl Tennis Rackets are fantastic quality, we have a loyal fan base for these Rackets. Along with the Yonex Japanese Rackets in our opinion these are the best quality frames available. You will see Volkl everywhere although they do not really appeal to younger generation, mainly because there are not many Tour players using Volkl but don’t let this put you off, they really do offer great quality Rackets.

The Volkl Tennis Range combines a variety of technologies to produce the highest quality racket.

  • The NEW ‘Super G’ rackets feature V Sponse systems; an exclusive Volkl patented grommet and grip dampening material.
  • Organix material brings dynamics and power to your game. With the power of carbon nano tubes and the dampening of natural Organix material, it is the most advanced material to date.
  • V-sensor handle that eliminates vibrations which affect racket playability.