Babolat Tennis

Babolat Tennis – Driving the game since 1875. Offering innovation at every level Babolat are a major player in the game, being the oldest specialist racket brand they continually seek to improve. Manufacturing rackets that offer great playability whether you’re a technical genius or a real beginner is something they pride themselves on and with their simple yet structured racket range there’s bound to be one that suits you.

Babolat Tennis Bags

Bags are available in 3, 6, 9 and 12 racket sizes as well as backpacks, suitable for both the recreational player and the professional player. Bag features include – Wet pockets, shoe pockets, accessory pockets and padded double shoulder straps so they can be carried as backpacks for extra comfort.

Pure Strike racket bag

Strike Racket Bag

Bags for 6 or 12 rackets

Pure Drive 6 racket bag

Pure Drive Racket Bag

Bags for 6 or 12 rackets

Pure Aero 6 Racket bag

Pure Aero Racket Bag

Bags for 6 or 12 rackets

Babolat Team expandable bag

Team Expandable Racket Bag

Bag for 4 to 9 rackets

Babolat Tennis Clothing

Babolat Apparel

We stock mens, ladies and junior clothing from Babolat, we major on the Match Core range. We find this keeps our clothing ranges sleek and simple, with interchangeable pieces you can put them together or wear them individually and they will always give you a great on court look.

Babolat clothing will cope with whatever you throw at it, whether that be a tough training session or your biggest match yet. It’s lightweight and easy to move in. Come in-store to see the range available.

Babolat Tennis Shoes

The range of Babolat footwear found in-store offers shoes that will suit both recreational and professional player, with varying levels of cushioning and support available we aim to provide something so suit everyone.

Babolat Strings / Stringing

Babolat Tennis Accessories