Thank You Withers

“I received an answer-phone message from your company earlier today, I was unable to answer the the call as I was in a lesson at college. Although I was disappointed the message informed me what I had ordered was not in stock I was pleased at the speed with which you contacted me and the good customer service I received so I will definitely look to shop with you in the future.

You did offer me an alternative product, however I really am looking for the gel challenger 7 as I don’t like the new challenger 8’s design so I wanted to get a spare pair in stock before they 7’s became un-available so sadly I will have to decline your offer to do me a deal on the new version of the shoe I ordered.

Therefore with regret I would like you to cancel the order I have placed with you as you cannot provide me with the item I am looking for which I am sorry about as I would like to spend the money with yourselves but I will have to look elsewhere. Many thanks for good service, I hope to return to your business in the future.”

Jamie, Exmouth, Devon