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With all of the excitement of Wimbledon now behind us we’ve got a bit of news to share with you of our own. We’d like to introduce our new blog, we may not have changed much in the way of its design but we have definitely changed the content.

We will be bringing you reviews on strings and rackets, a new post every week! Alternating between the two to give you something different to read each week! We will also be posting some bonus blogs for those of you that like to delve a little bit deeper when it comes to the technology side of the racket sports we love.

There’s much to look forward to on our blog and we’d love for you to get in touch to let us know what you think so by all means leave us a comment or get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Or if you’ve got an idea for a blog then definitely get in touch…why not email us on [email protected].

That’s all from the team at Withers this week, why not have a scroll back through some of our recent posts.