Squash Racket Restring Price List


Gamma Synthetic Gut/Duraflex Indoor (Yellow, White)

Very popular synthetic string. Ideal for a good amount of power and control. Added durability with the duraflex coating. 1.22mm £20

Prince Lightning XX Indoor (Silver)

Made from spring loaded polyester powerfoil which creats more power. Also provides a coating for good durability. 1.24mm£25

Head Intellistring (Black x White)

Multifilament core that increases power and feel. The outer wrap protects the core for more durability. 1.30mm£26

Head Reflex (Yellow)

A nylon multifilament construction makes this Head’s most comfortable string and by design allows for power to be easily generated. 1.30mm£27

Tecnifibre 305 (Green)

Our best selling string! Great combination of power, control and feel. Maximum shock absorption. 1.30mm£30

Tecnifibre 305+ (Black)

Very soft feel due to the multifilament construction. Falls directly in the middle of 305 and X-One Biphase. The power from X-One and the control from 305. 1.30mm£33

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase (Red)

A string that combines the best of both worlds. It is a string that offers the power and control of a poly, but without the stiffness. Outstanding durability for such a thing gauge. 1.18mm£35