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Vcore Range 

Designed to generate the highest levels of spin possible the new Vcore range reduces drag and improves manoeuvrability. Featuring an Aero Trench the grommets are hidden at the top of the frame which increases head speed. Combine this with Liner Tech which elongates outer main strings giving you a bigger sweetspot and greater levels of snapback. All in all, players will generate levels of spin never created before with a Yonex racket.

Offering two different head sizes (100 sq. inch and 98 sq. inch) and weights the Vcore range works for a range of players based on their needs. As usual with Yonex rackets, quality is second to none. Now available in two colours, Flame Red or Galaxy Black the Vcore range is one of the most striking cosmetics on the shelf and bound to stand out on court.

Rackets in the VCore Range

  • VCORE 100 – 300g
  • VCORE 100LG – 280g
  • VCORE 98 – 305g
  • VCORE 98LG – 285g
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