Yonex Vcore Pro

Vcore Pro Range 

One of the most challenging but rewarding rackets in the Yonex range the Vcore Pro picks up where the Duel G left off but has a few subtle additions. The throat grooves of the 3D Vector Shaft improve racquet stiffness, generating supreme face stability and giving players more efficient power. NAMD offers a unique flex which allows for more grip on the ball meaning you can hit with more aggressive spin. This is possible due to the fast frame snapback.

As ever with Yonex rackets the quality of the frames is second to none, if you’re a big hitter and want to get the most from your swing then this is definitely a range to consider.

Rackets in the Vcore Pro range

Vcore Pro 97 – 310g
Vcore Pro 100 – 300g

Rackets in the VCore Pro Range

  • VCORE Pro 97 – 310g
  • VCORE Pro 100 – 300g
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