Head MxG

Head MxG Range

The newest range from HEAD. Designed like no other, plays like no other. Power Under Control.

  • The MxG range is the first range of rackets to combine graphene and magnesium. This not only gives a perfect mixture of power and control it also allows for much better stability at lower weights.
  • The key to this is… the magnesium Bridge construction. It allows for longer free-moving main strings which leads to a much larger sweet spot and, ultimately, more power. At the same time, the molded bridge ensures that the upper hoop does not deform under pressure, which gives the player total control on every shot.

With 2 rackets in the MxG range it caters to a few different players.

The MxG3 is 300g with a 100 sq. inch head size, perfect for the club player who wants more but also the experienced player wanting a solid hit at a lower weight than would traditionally be needed.

The MxG5 comes in a bit lighter than the 3. At 275g it is noticeably more manoeuvrable, making it ideal for the player who wants a lighter than average (Withers average!). With a 105 sq. inch headsize it is also a bit more user friendly, with a larger sweetspot than that found on the 3 it is ideal for the player who wants the racket to do a bit more for them.

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