Tecnifibre – the story

1978 saw the birth of a French brand created by Thierry Maissant who developed an ambition to provide all tennis players with a suitable product for all levels of play. He co-created the brand with Hermano Da Silva Ramos, a former French Formula 1 racing driver. Just a few years later, Tecnifibre created their first string with brand new technology: polyurethane. Over the years, the brand grew and grew: becoming the official stringer of Roland Garros in 1987. 1998 seen them have the official ball also at Roland Garros and in 2004 they launched 2 tennis racket ranges. ‘T-Flash’ and ‘T-Fight’.

Fast forward to 2019/20, we have the emergence of one of the biggest talents in Daniil Medvedev who is currently using the Tecnifibre T-Fight 305. The T-Fight range accommodates for all play styles, varying from 265g – 305g.

  • T-Flight 315: 98sq. inch headsize, 315g, 31.0cm balance
  • T-Fight 300: 98sq. inch headsize, 300g, 32.0cm balance
  • T-Fight 280: 100sq. inch headsize, 280g, 32.5cm balance
  • T-Fight 265: 100sq. inch headsize, 265g, 33.0cm balance*

Based on touch and feel, this range features a technology called Xtrem Touch Construction (XTC). It is an evolution of the classic 3K carbon that combines the strength of the carbon fibre and elasticity of the aluminium and polyester fibres. Its particular weaving structure allows it to disperse vibrations evenly in all directions. To create a softer feel and increased muscle integrity for long lasting performance for aggressive players, they have come up with Dynacore HD. Long carbon fibre braids are weaved through the short fibres to create an unmatched combination of flexibility and stability.

For all you stringers, an improved grommet shape allows it to act as a string guide for easier restringing and easier tying of your knots, which I’m not complaining about! These frames also have a pre moulded grommet to increase the radius of the curve of the string on the frame edge to reduce the chance of string breakages from off centre hits and a thicker, wider and longer grommet strip increases durability and better protection for the racket.

It has been long awaited to see Tecnifibre tennis back on our shelves and there is no better way to begin with the T-Fight XTC range!

*please note, these are the only models that we are stocking in store.