Smart Sensors for Tennis

The Idea

Tennis Sensors provide the ability to measure your style and performance against yourself rather than just against your opposition.

Sometimes you can’t beat the player on the other side of the net – but you can improve your own performance.

In the long term if your game keeps improving the results will follow!

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

  • Using the Smart Tennis Sensor and app, you can easily view the data from your play session like never before.
  • Ball impact spot, ball spin, ball speed, and swing speed are all visible in real-time and automatically stored as a daily overview.
  • You can also play back video recorded during play and simultaneously view your swing and shot analysis data.
  • Compatible with Wilson, Head, Prince and Yonex tennis rackets.

Babolat POP

Wearable devices have been around for other sports for some time. The Babolat POP is the first device specific to tennis. It makes connected tennis available for everyone using any racket!

Put the wristband on your dominant wrist, slide in the POP sensor and start tracking your game.

The unique PIQ scoring system combines your swing speed, spin and style (the “fluidity” of your stroke) into one number that you can use to track your own game or compete with friends. The Challenge feature is a fun way to compete with your friends all over the world while the Activity tracker ranks you globally and keeps you motivated to spend time on court.

Remember, it’s compatible with any racquet, so every player can use it – even if you change rackets!