Dunlop Squash Rackets & Accessories

Dunlop are one of, if not, the biggest brand in the game. With refined frame technologies such as Hyperfibre+ Dunlop have a fan base ranging from professional players through to club and casual players.

Hyperfibre+ is the re-engineering of the frame lay up to bring Hyperfibre ballistic fibres into new areas of the racket at the 2 and 10 o’clock positions. These increase racket stiffness and weight-distribution in the top section of the hoop, giving you extra swing weight and greater power. With increased frame durability in the most vulnerable part of the racket, you’ll have even more confidence to attack the ball.

With the support of many professional players it’s no secret that Dunlop rackets are of high quality. Perfect if you are looking to upgrade your game! With a range of minimalist, high quality bags too you’re sure to feel ready when you arrive at the court.