Luxilon Smart String

…”It does all the thinking for you!”

Luxilon smart string packWhy, or how, could a string make that much difference and actually affect a result?

Well, no one is saying that this string specifically can make such a difference to your game but stringing your racket with the ‘best string’ for your game at the right tension possibly can.

Most players have used the same string at a similar tension for years – because that’s what someone recommended. We know one player who has used the same string and tension for more than 10 years – despite having a number of different models of racket over that period. Is that you too?

The Luxilon Smart string is a good string in our opinion and as tennis string goes, this is one we believe might run for a good while and become very popular. We are currently seeing a good number of players who are experimenting with lower tensions in their rackets – the recommended range of 40 – 48lbs for this string might make it a great choice for those people to try.

The string is two-tone in colour and features 3 fibres within the polymer material that adjust to the force of the swing with the white element similar to the resin of Wilson NXT, so it should technically fray, rather than snap like a standard polyester string.

For the player…

For the player, the string offers extra control for the more powerful shots and for the touch & feel shots it gives more feeling on the ball. Because it is designed for lower tensions 40 – 48lbs, this string might suit players looking to try reduced string tension and we are seeing a fair number of players who are actively considering playing with lower tension in their rackets.

The normal rules apply for the gauge of the string with the 1.25mm string providing a little more feel & more spin but the 1.30mm string offering slightly more durability to make the restring last a few sets more!

For the stringer…

For the stringer, it is a lovely string to work with. It feels and handles like a slightly softer polyester string. It is easy to weave and doesn’t cut into a softer string if used as one component of hybrid stringing.

Generally, we would recommend that, for a hybrid, we would use the Luxilon Smart together with a softer string such as Wilson NXT or Babolat XCEL. The general approach, which still, applies is that for more feel & power put a softer string in the mains with the stiffer string providing more power & control in the cross strings.

The Withers Opinion…

In our opinion, the Luxilon Smart string is towards the top end of the polyester strings delivering the performance (durability/control) of polyester strings with the feel of a multifilament string.