Yonex Astrox

Yonex Astrox

The Astrox is an all new attacking based range that is designed to allow you to generate more powerful smashes but the difference with the new range compared with the Voltric (head heavy) is that the weight in the head of the Astrox has been counterbalanced with weight in the T-joint and also the grip of the racket. This also allows for a smoother transition for the player when moving from one shot to the next.

To generate the power Yonex have introduced NAMD, a revolutionary form of graphite that in simple terms flexes more when compared to other rackets over the same time frame and stores energy that allows you to deliver a more explosive force onto the shuttle. The Astrox 99 is the first racket to feature full frame NAMD, which doubles the contact time with the shuttles giving players more than ever before.

Rackets in the Astrox range:

  • Astrox 99 – Stiff
  • Astrox 88D – Stiff Flex
  • Astrox 88S – Stiff Flex
  • Astrox 77 (3U) – Medium Flex
  • Astrox 77 (4U) – Medium Flex
  • Astrox 55 – Medium Flex
  • Astrox 7 – Medium Flex
  • Astrox 6 – Hi Flex
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