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Withers are a Specialist Sports Store that prides itself on Customer Service and Product Knowledge. We will do everything in our power to make sure you choose a product that is suitable for you.

Internet reviews on products are useful but can be very subjective! When choosing a Specialist / Performance Sports product a face to face meeting we feel is very important. Talking to us, here at Withers, will offer you the Confidence and Reassurance that can be missing online.

Pop into the shop or call us on 0116 262 2113 for BEST ADVICE and SPECIALIST HELP.

Badminton at Withers footwear
New Withers Signage

About Withers

Withers have just celebrated 75 years in business. There have been many changes over these 75 years. Withers have evolved from a General Sports Retailer into a Specialist Racket Sports Business. We still cater for Rugby, Hockey, Bowls but our main area of Expertise is within the Racket Sports.

We are part of a Group Of Specilaist Racket Retailers in the UK called The Elite Racket Shops. Making us one of Nine (currently) ‘out an out Racket Specialists‘ in the entire UK!

Fitness, Running and Swimming ALL blend very nicely into our Racket Sports so we still offer in depth ranges and products within these catagories. You need to be fit to play Tennis, Badminton, Squash and RacketBall so it makes perfect sense to stock  Running and Fitness Footwear (this includes Athletic Spikes), Fitness/Gym Clothing, Specialist Running Socks, a Core Range of Swimwear (inc Goggles) are ALL stocked from brands such as Asics, Speedo, Under Armour and Fitness Mad and more…..

Our Racket Section now offers you the Best Selection of Rackets anywhere in the UK. A bold statement but we challenge anyone to find a better and bigger range than here at Withers. We offer an In Store Hitting Wall so you can actually test out your Rackets in store. Footwear for ALL Court Surfaces are always on offer. A Specialist Range of Clothing and Equipment to compliment ALL Sports are available too.

Our Bowls section is pretty comprehensive too. We do NOT stock the actual Bowls (Woods) BUT we do offer everything else – Clothing, Footwear, Bags and Equipment. Our two Current suppliers are Aero and Emsmorn.

Our Staff are all trained to be able to offer you expert advice and our moto is, if we do not know the answer – we will find out!

We offer an in house Restringing Service from Trained staff. Olly our main Stringer is now part of the Yonex International Stringing Team, a highly respected group of Stringers in the UK who are trusted to string Rackets for some of the Worlds best Racket Players!

We are currently working on a Parking Allowance for our Customers to entice you in to our shop so we can show you just what we offer. We are very proud of our shop and we want to show and share it with as many customers as possible! Call in, add your name to our mailing list and we can advise you of this (parking) promotion and any other ideas that we might have.

We are based right in heart of Leicester City Centre, a stone’s throw from the Highcross Shopping Centre (just across the way from their High Street entrance), part of The Lanes Shopping Area. The Lanes is a beautiful part of Leicester, just around the corner from the Cathedral and the King Richard III Memorial.

Inside Withers Sports’ Cart Lane Shop

We want you to come to see us because we think you’ll benefit from the face to face advice our experts can give.

To help you decide to come we have the taken a 360 view of the shop. Obviously, the products shown change frequently and we move stuff around sometimes too. However, we hope you’ll agree that the shop is bright and airy, well-stocked with a massive range of products and a great place to visit.

Use your mouse (or finger on a tablet / phone) to zoom in and pan around the shop.

Withers Sports Hitting Wall

Sometimes a new racket just feels right when you pick it up

Come into the shop and pick up your next racket!

Sometimes you need to swing and hit something before you know whether it is the one.

Come into the shop and use our In-Store hitting wall to gauge the feel, grip size and balance.

Sometimes you need more

See more information about our Demo / Test racket service.

In-Store Hitting Wall

We have an instore Hitting Wall so you can try out a Racket at the shop. It is approx 20 foot long by 12 foot wide. We are proud of the fact that there are only a handful of these in store Hitting Walls in the whole of the UK. It is  a perfect size for Junior players to try out Rackets and does give Adults an opportunity to try out the balance, weight and feel of a Racket. Why not visit us or give us a call for more information 0116 262 2113.

The Withers Sports Team

Withers are proud of the people who work in the shops, each is an expert in their field and an avid sports fan too.

Pop into the shop or call us on 0116 262 2113 to speak to the Withers Experts.