Yonex Astel


The newest range of rackets from Yonex is designed to allow you to play easier with power. With the trademark isometric head shape, the Astrel already benefits from a larger sweetspot than that found in rackets with the same headsize from other brands. Combine this with ‘Quad Force Gear’ which uses thicker grommets at the top and bottom of the frame and repulsion off the strings is further improved. With the introduction of the ‘Tri-shut system’ which is the use of 3 different materials the racket is able to absorb more shock and remove the unpleasant vibrations that we sometimes all feel through the racket.

There are 2 rackets in the Astrel range:

  • Astrel 105 – 270g with a 105 sq. inch head. With a larger than average headsize power will come easily but with the 105 it shouldn’t be a case of too much power.
  • Astrel 115 – 260g with a 115 sq. inch head. Aimed at the player with a very short swing and a flat hit, the open stringing pattern makes generating power easier than ever before.
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