Prince Squash Rackets

Light Head weight, open string patterns on the Prince Squash Racket Range offers you more Bite on the ball and more Racket Head speed than ever before. The Pro Rebel 950 at £160 Retail is Prince top Performance model at 135 grms but it feels much lighter. The Pro AirStick Lite 550 at 130 grms is at £80 Retail, the feel and head light balance on this makes this our Best Selling Prince Squash Racket, if you remember the Prince Sovereign Squash Racket of a few years back, the Pro AirStick Lite 550 is the updated version.

All Prince Squash Rackets are worth taking a look at, a range that is aimed at all levels of players. Pop in to the shop to take a look and even try out on our in store Hitting Wall .

Prince Rackets

  • Pro Beast  PowerBite
  • Pro Shark PowerBite 650
  • Pro AirStick PowerBite 550
  • Pro Rebel 950
Racket Amnesty

Bring back your unwanted racket get a credit towards a new one!

Racket Amnesty

Hitting Wall

If it’s a racket you are after why not try our in-store hitting wall

Prince Squash Shoes

The best selling Prince squash shoe of all time and the shoe that will go down in Prince history! Built on the Natural Foot Shape last the NFS II provides generous forefoot fit with comfortable support and excellent durability. Fit is what it’s all about and you won’t find better around. Pop in to the Shop to take a look !!

Prince Squash Shoe

Prince Shoes

  • NFS II Squash Shoe

Prince Squash Strings

Prince Performance Squash Strings are proven to provide the ultimate in quality and playability. At the moment of impact between racquet and ball, the ball never touches the frame. It’s all about the string! Prince offers premium string product that set the industry standard for the highest level of performance, comfort and feel.

Prince Strings

  • Lightning XX Indoor
  • Sweet Perfection Indoor
  • Rebel Power Indoor

Prince Squash Goggles

Prince Performance Eyewear stands for the highest protection on a squash court. All protective glasses meet the ball impact testing requirements with CE approval in compliance with relevant British Standard testing.

Prince Goggles

  • Rage
  • Pro Lite