Tennis Racket Restring Price List

StringFull Set PriceHalf Set Price

Synthetic Gut

Good value synthetic string.£20£10.00

Gamma Synthetic Gut Duraflex w/Wearguard (White)

(White, Blue, Yellow and Black)

Synthetic gut with duraflex. The world’s most popular string. 1.30mm£22£11.00

Pro Response Spin


Pentagonal string, great for spin. Holds tension very well. 1.25mm£23£11.50

Head Sonic Pro

(Black and White)

Polyester string with soft feel and good durability. 1.25mm£24£12.00

Babolat Addiction


Entry level soft multifilament string, coating improves durability. Fibres added into the string to reduce premature breakages. 1.25mm/1.30mm£25£12.50

Head Rip Control


Textured synthetic string with good durability. Good blend of comfort and control. 1.30mm£25

Babolat Pro Hurricane

(White and Blue)

Tough monofilament, ideal for string breakers. 1.25mm/1.30mm£26£13.00

Solinco Tour Bite


Square shaped co-polyester monofilament. Designed to generate maximum power and increase spin. 1.25mm/1.30mm£26£13.00

Luxilon Savage

(Black, Lime and White)

Hexagonal string, great for spin with added control and an enhanced feel. 1.27mm£27£13.50

Yonex Poly Tour Pro


Polyester/Monofilament construction. Good durability with a comfortable feel. 1.20mm/1.25mm£27£13.50

Yonex Poly Tour Spin


Polyester/Monofilament construction. Good durability with a solid feel. Pentagon shaped for more spin. 1.25mm£27£13.50

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour


Octagonal shaped string for great spin. Holds tension well with good durability. 1.25mm/1.30mm£29£14.50

Yonex Poly Tour Spin G

(Dark Red)

SIF technology and Giga spin structure put together equals quicker snapback than ever before. Made for the harder hitters who want even more spin. 1.25mm£29£14.50

Wilson Sensation


A comfortable playing string with a nice blend of feel & playability. Known for its vibration dampening qualities. It has a long-standing reputation as an arm-friendly string choice. 1.30mm£30£15.00

Head Hawk

(Grey & White)

This monofilament string with its crystal core technology gives spin, control and durability for big hitters. 1.25mm£30£15.00

Prince Tour XP

(Black & Red)

All round thermo-polyester with tension retention capability. 1.25mm/1.30mm£30£15.00

Luxilon Big Banger Original


Very durable string which holds it tension well. Great for string breakers. 1.30mm£30£15.00

Prince Beast Attack Hybrid

(Red/Black x Natural)

Perfect combination of power, control spin and feel. Maintains a consistent response and tension. 1.30mm x 1.30mm£30£15.00

Yonex Poly Tour Fire


High power and spin from quicker snapback speed and increased string movement due to SIF (Silicone Oil Infused Filament) technology. Hard feel for hard hitters. 1.25mm£30£15.00

Prince Pro Blend


Kevlar and Synthetic gut hybrid. Most durable string on the market. 1.30mm x 1.30mm£32£16.00

Babolat Xcel

(Natural and Black)

Very soft multifilament, perfect for suffers of arm pain. 1.30mm£32£16.00

Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro


Suited for players seeking a crisp feel and response without compromising durability. Maintains its tension very well and enhances playability due to their “pro stretch” method. 1.32mm£32£16.00

Luxilon Alu Power Rough


Rough texture for added bite on the ball, a great mixture of power and control. One of the most popular choices on the Tour. 1.25mm£32£16.00

Luxilon Alu Power Smooth


Hard wearing string, gives a great mixture of power and control. One of the most popular choices on the Tour. 1.25mm£32£16.00

Babolat RPM Blast


Octagonal shape gives added grip for more spin to the ball. Silicon coating prolongs the life of the string. As used by Rafael Nadal! 1.25mm/1.30mm£32£16.00

Head Hawk Touch


Features the same crystal core technology as Head Hawk but Hawk Touch offers a much softer feel whilst still being a monofilament, it also retains tension well. 1.25mm£33£16.50

Babolat Origin


Very unique monofilament in the fact that it delivers the playability of a top end multifilament. 1.25mm/1.30mm£35£17.50

Wilson NXT


One of the most popular multifilament’s ever made! It offers optimal touch, comfort, power and feel. Perfect for suffers of arm pain. 1.30mm£35£17.50

Yonex Multi-Sensa


Allows players a more natural touch. Impact is comfortable, crisp and accurate. The string is “natural” gut-like at impact with above average durability. 1.25mm£35£17.50

Babolat VS Natural Gut


One of Babolat’s original Natural gut strings. Players who are looking for ultimate feel and power. 1.25mm/1.30mm/1.35mm